My impressions from SAPPHIRE Madrid 2012

You might notice or you might not, but last week in Madrid it took place one of the most important events for SAP. If you belong to the first group, then you probably know that gicom was there as the winner of the Pinnacle Award 2012 as the Software Solution Innovator of the Year having a successful event. If you belong to the second group let me explain why you should not miss it next time, and why you should check out gicom´s innovations. I will be honest with you; I was part of the second group. I never heard, seen or attended SAPPHIRE before.  I am a gicom employee since less than two months, and during these few days I got the challenge to attend one of the most important event that SAP our partner makes in Europe, SAPPHIRE Madrid 2012.

Few weeks to go and millions of questions to be solved, what are the expectations of gicom for SAPPHIRE? What is the ultimate aim that SAPPHIRE pursues? What will be a successful performance for gicom? Many of these questions were answered before I landed in Madrid. But the real answer came when the real action started. Once I was there I only needed a few minutes to realize the dimension of this event, and the key role that it plays for many small and big SAP partners. Basically the event´s focus is the EMEA region, making it especially interesting if you want to expand your business influence. Therefore both parts SAP partners and Clients get benefits and obviously for SAP, SAPPHIRE represent the perfect time to show worldwide their new technologies like HANA and make good business meanwhile.

But not all was as I expected. I was expecting a lot of traffic around our booth, a lot of presentations regarding our products, but nothing of this really happened. The reason, the type of attendants that came to our booth were perfectly informed about what we do at gicom and were interested to go deeper into the details of our solutions. I have to say that this was an unexpected surprise in the positive way. Because suddenly, I found myself learning through the help of my colleagues in a real life approach to a client well informed, and therefore I had the chance to listen what kind of needs have our clients. Apart of it, what surprised me even more was the dimension of SAP, and how important it is to maintain a good networking relationship with SAP. After all SAP is the whole body that holds the structure, powered by  HANA as heart, meanwhile SAP partners are definitely the brain that enlightens the business of their clients.

Therefore in the context mentioned, it is not any longer a secret, the unique solutions of gicom are delivering unmatched value to customers and enabling SAP to reach its business goals. Co-CEO of gicom, Mr. Stefan Hilger presented during SAPPHIRE, the trend for retailers. And how this industry will looks in an immediate future.  Mr. Hilger revealed the new possibilities that are able to be used already as well as the key role that gicom is playing together with SAP. If you want to have a quick impression of what was happening and the enthusiasm, take a look here:

Before finishing this post I would like to appreciate the trust showed from gicom to me, and how attending this event helped me to understand the whole picture of this industry. We from gicom, will be pleased to receive all of you again and those that missed SAPPHIRE Madrid 2012; to meet you at SAPPHIRE 2013 in Orlando, U.S.

Autor: Luis Ramirez

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