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gicom Releases Vendor Profitability Planning & Analytics to Enable Buyers to Simulate Margins in Real Time

Overath / Germany – 07 April 2016

Purchasing for retail will gain a new dimension of transparency and accuracy: gicom today released a complementary solution for SAP® software that allows buyers to simulate margins before and during their negotiation in real time. Using gicom’s Vendor Profitability Planning & Analytics with the SAP HANA® platform and SAP Customer Activity Repository application, buyers are now able to compare vendors and calculate a net-net margin in real time, down to article level. Additionally the solution offers a convenient user interface based on SAPUI5 (HTML 5) to enable buyers to access relevant information at any time and any place.

With these solutions, buyers can tell right away if the deal the vendor is offering will be profitable by using advanced what-if simulations, forecast and analytics. This latest innovation by gicom helps retailers achieve higher margins.

About gicom

For more than 20 years, gicom has successfully developed multi-awarded software solutions for traders. With over 70 employees, gicom supports customers in more than 16 countries and focuses on contracts, prices, terms and conditions, private labels and advertising costs. Several of these solutions are certified and endorsed by SAP, and leverage the latest SAP technologies (SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Customer Activity Repository and SAP UI5).

Solutions endorsed by SAP are complementary to SAP software offerings, have been specifically integrated with SAP solutions and tested by SAP, and provide additional choices and flexibility for businesses running SAP software. SAP-endorsed business solutions are offered by SAP partners.


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