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Our solutions at a glance

We support the entire end-to-end process in purchasing

Our solutions:

Agreement Documentation

gicom_logo_iconFull transparency on all agreements & negotiations

gicom_logo_iconMapping of all monetary and non-monetary agreements

gicom_logo_iconFlexibility through various conditions and agreement types


Agreement Negotiation Workbench

gicom_logo_iconPreparation of negotiations scenarios

gicom_logo_iconEnables optimal preparation for all negotiations

gicom_logo_iconRealtime simulation of condition earnings at all levels


Agreement Planning and Controlling

gicom_logo_iconSimplifies preparation and tracking of negotiation rounds

gicom_logo_iconControl during round of negotiations

gicom_logo_iconDecision support


Promotion Funds & Revenue Management

gicom_logo_iconExhaust an refinance your promotion budgets

gicom_logo_iconManagement of all conditioned & non-monetary services

gicom_logo_iconAllocation of promotion budgets


gicom and SAP CCS

gicom_logo_iconFlexible and accurate condition contract settlement

gicom_logo_iconFully automated posting in SAP FI

gicom_logo_iconNew combinable settlement options


Our Consulting Services

gicom_logo_iconConceptual work: Assessment, Requirements Management, Blueprint etc.

gicom_logo_iconImplementation and consulting services for gicom and SAP products (eg. SAP CCS, Settlement Management, LO-AB) of highly qualified consultants with a strong knowledge of buying processes, vendor agreements and negotiation management

gicom_logo_iconFull support to enable smooth transition from project level to customer operations

gicom_logo_iconWide range of advanced support and consulting services to ensure continuous process improvement based on best practices

gicom_logo_iconInternational rollout experience with multinational corporations

What deployment options are available from gicom?

gicom provides three different ways of using our solutions. As well as the conventional “on-premises” model with an on-site infrastructure, we provide our solutions as a service – in the cloud. We also offer flexible hybrid models that combine the advantages of both deployment options and are adapted to your individual needs.

The decision is yours – and of course, we are there to help you make it.