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Our solutions at a glance

We support the entire end-to-end negotiation process


Were buyers meet suppliers in order to negotiate conditions and agreements, each side has to deal with a lot of different negotiation situations and it is oftentimes hard to keep track of conditions, rebates, subsequent remunerations and quantity scales.

We are your competent and experienced partner with software solutions which are offered as solution extensions by SAP and consulting in the field of trade. The quality of our solutions is consistently being tested and qualified by SAP as a means to maintain a high standard and the maximum of compatibility with SAP solutions.

We support your entire negotiation process in retail, wholesale and sales. Create transparency over agreements and conditions, be prepared for negotiation rounds with simulations in real time and settle agreements in an automated and streamlined process.

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Our solutions:

Agreement Documentation

gicom_logo_iconFull transparency on all agreements & negotiations

gicom_logo_iconMapping of all monetary and non-monetary agreements

gicom_logo_iconFlexibility through various conditions and agreement types


Agreement Negotiation Workbench

gicom_logo_iconPreparation of negotiations scenarios

gicom_logo_iconEnables optimal preparation for all negotiations

gicom_logo_iconRealtime simulation of condition earnings at all levels


Agreement Planning and Controlling

gicom_logo_iconSimplifies preparation and tracking of negotiation rounds

gicom_logo_iconControl during round of negotiations

gicom_logo_iconDecision support


Promotion Funds & Revenue Management

gicom_logo_iconExhaust an refinance your promotion budgets

gicom_logo_iconManagement of all conditioned & non-monetary services

gicom_logo_iconAllocation of promotion budgets


gicom and SAP CCS

gicom_logo_iconFlexible and accurate condition contract settlement

gicom_logo_iconFully automated posting in SAP FI

gicom_logo_iconNew combinable settlement options


Our Consulting Services

gicom_logo_iconConceptual work: Assessment, Requirements Management, Blueprint etc.

gicom_logo_iconImplementation and consulting services for gicom and SAP products (eg. SAP CCS, Settlement Management, LO-AB) of highly qualified consultants with a strong knowledge of buying processes, vendor agreements and negotiation management

gicom_logo_iconFull support to enable smooth transition from project level to customer operations

gicom_logo_iconWide range of advanced support and consulting services to ensure continuous process improvement based on best practices

gicom_logo_iconInternational rollout experience with multinational corporations

What deployment options are available from gicom?

gicom provides three different ways of using our solutions. As well as the conventional “on-premises” model with an on-site infrastructure, we provide our solutions as a service – in the cloud. We also offer flexible hybrid models that combine the advantages of both deployment options and are adapted to your individual needs.

The decision is yours – and of course, we are there to help you make it.