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Vendor Promotion Funds & Revenue Management

There are many factors in your success. Don't let anything go unused!

No deals can be made without advertising –
so make deals to generate advertising.

“Advertising is expensive, no advertising is even more expensive”, as Paolo Bulgari rightly said. Advertising is a significant cost block of every successful company. That’s why you make every effort to refinance your advertising costs and deploy them in the best possible way – as a result, advertising subsidies and conditional agreements are a key element of negotiations with vendors.

We help you to ensure that you make optimum use of your advertising subsidies to achieve success.

Our solution: gicom Promotion Funds & Revenue Management (PFRM)



  • Budget planning combined with advertising planning and advertising cost management
  • Advertising planning, item placement, negotiation, and allocation of advertising subsidies as well as item calculation at a glance
  • Automated settlement of allocated advertising subsidies
  • Integrated negotiation management of the agreed conditions with the vendor
  • Full integration in the existing SAP landscape
  • Automated contract creation
  • Full integration in the range of gicom solutions
  • Available on all devices



  • Increase in and optimization of refinancing of advertising measures
  • All budgets taken into account
  • Claims against the vendor can be viewed in real time
  • Improved negotiating position for renegotiations through greater transparency
  • Reduced manual workload through integration of the solution in negotiation management and settlement of terms
  • Uniform strategy of annual budget negotiations and advertising campaigns during the year

Promotion Funds & Revenue Management with gicom

Why is Promotion Funds & Revenue Management from gicom the right choice?

Advertising cost management from gicom combines three areas of your company: Purchasing, Marketing, and Finance Department. – All areas have a shared aim: How do we ensure that our advertising is optimally used and refinanced and achieves the intended benefits?

The gicom solution is optimally integrated in your negotiation process so that no information is lost. Generate new negotiation potential and increase your creativity and flexibility!


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